Sunday, January 28, 2007

Surprise!! Not

We are in the habit of missing our niece and nephew that now live in The Dalles, and yes again we make the journey to The Dalles to go to a Surprise 16th Birthday party for our niece which she knows about already. she invited us. anyway this is a well known adventure and this time we have 2 more passengers. My sister and other nephew are coming with us boy what a crowd. it will be good to see them again and I can't believe she will be 16. I feel old. so once again we are off to see the gorge and have some family time. since Chris is here and he is scared of dogs he is beginning to get used to them. well sort of. he at least does not scream when he sees them he yells shoo dog. but he does say come dog and turn around and yell shoo. he is a funny little man. so that is all the habits for now TTFN.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hunters homework!!!!!!!!!

we are in the habit of sitting down and helping Hunter with his homework. yet sometimes he does not get it done. Yesterday was no exception. I told him to walk home from school clean the cat box and read his book for his book report until I got home. when I got home Hunter was no where to be found I called his friend but there was no answer. I called Rich and he said he would go look for him. I went outside to see if he might be coming and there he was with the friend that would not answer the phone. I told him to go in the house that he was grounded. we tried to explain the whole being responsible thing to him and explain why we were so upset. so back to the home work. I sat down got him started and had to run an errand and I told him ask dad for help if you need it I get home he was where I left him at saying he wanted me to help so needless to say no cat box cleaned no reading done and no homework either. what am I going to do with that kid.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ANOTHER SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are not in the habit of getting snow at least not much. and Guess What it is snowing again and I mean really snowing. at least two inches already I know where I am going to be today playing in the snow playing in the snow. and drop the jaw to the ground we have another snow day WOO HOO I am excited can you tell? any way Hunter is sick poor boy but me and Khirali can still play. and Rich had to drive the truck to work he wanted to stay home and play too. snow ball fight here I come and maybe sledding down a hill I cant wait. That's all of the habits for now TTFN.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Playing on Ice

We are in the habit of playing with what ever weather we can get so tonight we froze our sidewalk for a ice rink of sorts and played until Hunters friend got hurt so we De-iced it and called mom to see what needed to do he of course is fine. we all slid on the ice and laughed and chanted while we watched. ice skating as a family with home made ice is better than real skateing. any way just a habit I thought I would share TTFN.

Friday, January 12, 2007


we are in the habit of playing in the snow (when it falls) and we were lucky enough to get some on wedensday and we had an actual snow day yesterday the only bummer is it did not last. I would love to have at least two feet of it and really have a good time. any way so we had some fun and hopefully it comes again.

Saturday, January 6, 2007


I am in the habit of trying new things. today I finaly figured out how to put pictures on the blog how cool is that? tonight I am babysitting for my friend so I have some time on my hands. I have been working on this whole picture thing for a while but now tada I am now literate in putting up pictures yeah!!!!! anyway we have been good a little tired but good. the kids had a silly string fight today and had tons of fun. well I am out of habits for now ttfn.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

We are in the habit of just taking it easy on January 1 and as today comes to an end the first day of a new year we are preparing for tomorrow as we go back to school and work and start our schedule all over again. with our lives being busy and getting ready for little league for Khirali and continuing scouts for Hunter we will have a hectic time doing much else other than work sleep and kids. we are also packing and getting ready to move maybe if we can find somewhere. so here is to 2007 and all it will bring.