Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years

we used to be in the habit of going to The Dalles for new years eve but kinda got out of it well today we are starting it again. We go up and visit Aunt Pat and have a fun time playing if there is snow which there usually is and spend time just relaxing and having fun and playing games. so off we go after my shower to The Dalles another trip to probably yell at the kids for fighting and pull over to go potty and watch out for the crazies on the road. for all of you have a safe and happy new year.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

say good bye to Christmas early

We are in the habit of leaving up all Christmas decorations until after the new year, except this year. out with the old and in with the new shall be done with out the Cheer of the holidays. we made this decision because we are getting ready to start packing or actually finish packing and Christmas must end. we put them up early so down they come early. it is a little sad having it end so soon but, it will be here again and next year we shall hopefully be in a new home to call our own. with the lights coming down and people getting ready for the new year we will try to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive all year. So as we embark on this new adventure we shall bring you along for the ride in our habits.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

we are in the habit of trying to see family for Christmas. today is no different so as we go off to The Dalles to see family we will give them their goodies and gifts to the ones I got them for and have fun visiting. as we go I will keep in mind that the reason for this season is Jesus and I am trying to teach my kids that. As a family I try to keep Christmas real but put some fun into it too, yes we write letters to Santa and he writes back, and yes our kids wonder how Santa will come down the chimney when we do not have an opening for it but, we have our nativity scene and angels and things that remind us that we are celebrating a birthday so here is to Jesus and happy birthday to him.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

pumpkin cookies

I am in the habit of making cookies and this year is no different today I am making pumpkin cookies and boy do they smell good these are to put in my goodies baskets and I really hope everyone likes them. any way today I have 4 cheese cakes, more pumpkin cookies, chocolate peanut butter brownies and more chocolate covered pretzels bot I am a busy little bee today. any way I enjoy making all sorts of things to give to our friends and family. it is a little of myself that I put in to it and of course a little of the kids fingers too wanting to help but it is agood time to spend and enjoying each other. Happy Holidays

Friday, December 22, 2006


I am in the habit of feeding the strays that have adopted us as their family weather we wanted it or not. we have coon cat he looks like a raccoon then a new one because my neighbor is gone has turned to us for food. Meo (pronounced Me O) has run off I am not sure where he went but he has changed addresses. Hunter and Khirali are sad they miss him a lot. anyway as we get ready to move and we are packing I am thinking of which cat will go with us max really belongs here but, coon cat has been our cat for years. He is a loving cat and huge so maybe I have already made up my mind coon cat it is. that was not hard. so we have three cats two dogs and two newts. although I think maybe we will be saying good bye to the two dogs because unfortunately most places don't allow dogs. so as we go into moving mode and we say good bye to old friends and hello to new ones at least we will still have our family.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


we are in the habit of making goodies for Christmas and giving them as gifts. this year is no different. As a family we have fun making cookies and other things to put in the baskets. this year I will be adding Cheesecake to them as a little extra. I found that if we buy for kids and do goodies for the whole family it is not so hard on the pocket book. the thing I like the most about this is it comes from our hearts and we out a little bit of ourselves into it. and homemade gifts are wonderful and usually everyone likes them. so as we make our goodies we think about our family and how much we love them. I will be busy the next few days baking Love to all from Us.

Monday, December 18, 2006


We are in the habit of drinking coffee all of us. Rich is either a plain coffee or a 4 shot mint mocha, I was a high octane coffee drinker but have switched to decaf. so I either have double decaf eggnog lattes or double decaf cherry vanilla lattes more cherry than vanilla, Hunter is a sugar free caramel latte single shot. Khirali is a "pink coffee" steamed milk and strawberry syrup and what ever else she can get her hands on. at home I have a little coffee with my creamer and again Rich just drinks regular coffee. as a society coffee is a huge thing most people rely on it I know I for one have found my self tired because I do not drink the regular coffee anymore. I wonder if with out coffee if our society would function as well as it is? who knows I mean maybe, we are only going and being productive because of a simple thing called caffeine. Think about it!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


I am in the habit of wearing shorts and sandals year round. there are times though that it is to cold even for me (trust me it has to be cold) and then I bundle up like some one from the north pole. my philosophy is if it is going to be that cold it really needs to snow. snow the white fluffy stuff that is cold but tons of fun to play in. we do not get much snow where we live so we go out on adventures to find it. sometimes we do (and have snow ball fights which Rich usually wins) and sometimes we don't. the point is we go as a family and have fun doing it, this year I am determined to find snow even if it means going to Mt Hood which is about 2 1/2 hours from us or more. I want snow so we can sled make snow angels and have tons of fun but most importantly to make good memories to cherish. So I am dreaming of a white Christmas and praying for the kids to be good so we can have a silent night and wishing one the first bright star to let it snow let it snow let it snow.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas cards

we are not in the habit of sending out Christmas cards but, this year I changed that. the kids got a picture with Santa and I put it in a card. now I just have to mail them. I get a lot of cards during Christmas and I look for the first one every year excited to see who it is from and what it looks like. Just a few days ago I took down last years. I love the variety but I am guilty of not returning the pleasure so now I am. if I get them mailed. Last night Rich and I were talking about what has happened in Oregon the last few weeks and we prayed for the families that have lost a loved one and for the ones still on MT Hood. I put the requests on the prayer journal with hopes others will pray for them too. any way the cards will be on their way to you have a good holiday love to all.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Old habits are hard to break

we are in the habit of being lazy on Sundays. Not every Sunday but most, I admit that being Lazy also includes sleeping in which in turns means we miss church. I am thinking seriously of changing that Habit. As my kids grow I would like them to learn of Gods love and kindness. If I as a parent do not hold up my responsibility to this task then I have let my children down. So this habit of being lazy although may sound good is one that I don't want to really make a habit of. The saying old habits are hard to break may be true I am hoping in this case it is not. Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Quest for the perfect tree

We are in the habit of cutting down our Christmas tree every year. the quest for the perfect tree. I admit in the beginning we had some Charlie Brown trees but they were our Charlie Brown trees and we liked them one year we had a red neck tree (it only had three sides) but, the important thing is we have fun as a family and the search is on again today. I do not know what we will come up with but I am sure no matter what it will be perfect. as we get it set up and decorate it I look at the ornaments from years past and think about all of the blessings I have had. this year there will be yet another new ornament this one just as special as the last and my memories for this year will hang on the tree. although this year is different this year I am getting two, one for the milestone of marriage and another to honor the memory of my cousin. I will probably have tears when I hang that one but, I have my memories as well and I will dwell on the happy times and remember the smiles this Christmas may have a sadness to it but we are truly blessed to have had the pleasure of our memories. love one another like you may never love again, create beautiful memories for others to cherish and Thank God for the blessings he has given us all. Happy Holidays everyone God Bless you all.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Christmas Wreath

I am in the Habit of making my Christmas wreath. I have so much fun figuring out what color and ribbon and design I want. I have to admit that my wreaths do not always turn out the way I want them but every year it is different. This year I made a blue and silver wreath. a snowflake ribbon with blue poinsettia flowers and silver fern leaves I am happy with how it came out. I have a blue and silver/white theme going this year. with Christmas coming I am gearing up for the happiness it brings to me I love Christmas. I know it is time when depression is higher and a lot of people have no money and people seem to get down but I feel Christmas should be a time to celebrate what we do have love and friendship and kindness from others. some don't even have that much so this year I am going to try to give to someone that has nothing in hopes it gives them a better holiday season.

Sunday, December 3, 2006


We are in the Habit of helping family when the need arises today we are going to The Dalles to help boo and moo they are moving so as we start this journey we will probably yell at the kids a time or two. pull over for a gazillion potty breaks and finally arrive probably late. eat a breakfast of pop tarts and mandarin oranges and Bananas (hopefully the peels stay in the bag) yummy. as we listen to usually 101 kufo which I will try to change to something else and undoubtedly it will get turned back we will drive. with hopes the road will be clear we will embark on this family adventure no doubt we will be tired when we get back but I am sure it will be fun. we are in the habit of doing trips like this so I am used to them. Have a great day everyone.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Starting out

Where to start well back in the summer we found out we have to move. we thought we were buying the house and found out they had no business selling it to us because the people we sent money to did not own it. next I was diagnosed with migraines and had to have an MRI done they said some of the symptoms I had were the same as a brain tumor but, all is well. Hunter has been having trouble in school the teacher he had was not wanting him in her class and made that clear by how she treated me and Hunter. Hunter now has a new Teacher he goes back to school on Monday he has been out for two weeks, he told me he liked the new teacher and thinks things will be better now. Khirali is doing well she loves school her birthday is coming up soon she will be five. Khirali wants to play Tee-Ball so in January we will be signing her up. I am doing better my headaches in November were re diagnosed to classic Migraines with chronic Daily headaches. so all in all we are doing okay still looking for a home but God will provide I am sure.